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David (Owner Of vacuumguider.com)


Hey, my name is David from New York, united states of America. My age is 38 years, and I have experience of more than 11 years with vacuum cleaners. 

I also have a vacuum cleaner shop in Bedford, Westchestereast, In the united states of America. I started this shop for my passion. My all-family members are working on this shop. I worked in this shop for the last 13 years. 

Usually, every day I do experiments with vacuum cleaners so that I know more information about vacuum cleaners, and I love to do this because it is my passion.  

It is some information about me.


Vacuum Guider Editor
vacuum guider editor

Hello readers, My name is Lucy, and I am from the United States of America. By profession, I have been an expert interior designer for eight years, and also I help David to manage their vacuum shop. 

I am also the Senior Editor of the vacuumguider.com blog. Through this blog, I share tips and tricks, buying guides, and essential factor information which is related to vacuum cleaners. I have experience with vacuum cleaners for more than six years. 


vacuum guider editor
Vacuum guider editor

Hello, My name is Anna, and I am 28 years old. I am from New York, but recently, I have lived in Washington because my family recently shifted here because we started a shop here. 

Our shop sells vacuum cleaners, grinders, mixtures and other home improvement and kitchen appliances. I am also the senior editor of vacuumguider.com. 

I have both knowledge and experience with vacuum cleaners from the last 5 to 6 years. In this blog, I write tips and tricks, how-to tutorials, and vacuum cleaner review-based articles because I love to do the writing. 

I want to help people who want to know about this type of information which is related to vacuum cleaners. Because when I started to buy vacuum cleaners, I faced so many issues and had doubts regarding this topic. 

So that I will share all the essential information which is helping people to solve their queries.