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Welcome to vacuumguider.com. Our site consists of 4 professionals who have experience with vacuum cleaners for more than six years.

We don’t partner with any vacuum brands. Before we suggest any vacuum cleaners here, our experts tested them, including lots of factors so that users don’t face any issue regarding the product because we have many years of experience with vacuum cleaners.

Now the main question is why we started the vacuumguider.com blog. 

We have many years of experience with vacuum cleaners because I personally own a vacuum shop. 

So that our team member wants to share our knowledge through this blog which we gained from our 11 years of experience, with users So that they know each and every details which are related to the vacuum. 

On this website, we share the best vacuum cleaners for the home, the best vacuum cleaners for pets, vacuum cleaner tips and tricks and many more which is related to vacuum cleaners. 

We spend hours and hours time for researching and analyzing if we suggest you any vacuum cleaner here, including her price point, user review, popularity, average rating etc. So that you will choose always chose good products and don’t get any issue in future. 

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What We Provide You?

Well, as we already mentioned, this website has started to provide you with each and every detail related to vacuum cleaners, including the best vacuum cleaners, budget vacuum cleaners, best vacuum cleaner for pets, vacuum cleaner tips and tricks like how to clean a vacuum, how to use a vacuum, how to replace vacuums battery etc.

We don’t promote any specific brand of vacuum cleaner because we don’t partner with any particular vacuum brand. Here, we mentioned those vacuum cleaners that provide the best value to the users.

What Was Our Goal?

Our main intention in starting this website is to give the best value to the users, like vacuum buying guides, their tips and tricks, vacuum maintenance tips, vacuum repairing tips, etc.

There are lots of new users who want to buy their vacuum cleaners, and we want to help them guide them on how to choose the best vacuum. Which factors are they considering? If they face any issue regarding the vacuum cleaner, then how can they solve it themself etc.?

Also, here we provide you with information about these topics-

  1. Best vacuum cleaners
  2. Budget vacuum cleaner
  3. Vacuum cleaner tips and tricks
  4. Vacuum cleaners for pets
  5. Vacuum cleaner repair tips
  6. Vacuum cleaner maintenance tips
  7. Vacuum cleaner guidance

When The Website Was Started?

Well, vacuumguider.com was started on 10th July 2023. As I already mentioned, our website consists of 4 vacuum experts with having more than six years of experience with vacuum cleaners.

If you want to contact us, then you can contact us by this email- Vacuumguiderofficial@gmail.com


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